Client Care

Recruiting For Success

Trust + Collaboration + Insight


Busby Park Recruiting is passionate about creating high quality work product and fulfilling every hiring need to the best of its ability.
This includes insightful and in-depth presentations of candidates who are best suited to the need at hand. 

With hands on experience in corporate and law firm environments, Busby Park Recruiting understands how law firms and corporate
legal departments are run. Talent is sourced from a solid network of legal and executive contacts.





Whether it’s a complex search or a deadline driven temporary search, priority is placed on responding with immediate and sensible solutions. Every effort is made to be accessible and to provide fast turnaround in response to the needs of employers and job seekers.

A collaborative process defined by trust and insight lead to success in the recruitment process.  Listening to an employer's specifications and evolving requirements are pivotal to the process, as well as offering creative options. 

The goal is to provide the best representation of a candidate's experience and skills to even the most discerning clients. In many cases, through our in-depth analysis of each potential candidate’s skill set and personal goals, we are able to identify that individual’s unique set of skills that are not readily identifiable upon first glance of their resume.